Krisna Wibawa, Superb! That's normal as secure boot is a feature available only with UEFI. so if you are one of the few people if that had the presents of mind 2 use this tool when everything was hunky-dory, then I'm happy for you. @suthahran, First let the laptop run out of charge and then connect the charger and on it while it is charging and the it will start upadating and then it will start restarting and you are done. I changed to Legacy and got the DOS message No Bootable Device - insert boot disc and press any key. To do this on my Acer: (firstly, laptop has to be powered off). 4. Then, follow the steps and restart your computer. Follow the instruction given to you in the BIOS utility to navigate to "Exit" tab. What Is No Bootable Device Error? Here is the command prompts for the ‘no bootable problem Acer laptop fix.’. --- from windows10forums. Check internal hard disk status. You'll see loaded AOMEI Partition Assistant once login. Method 3. Click on it. Much easier! Then connect an empty USB to that PC as well. @nick_loss. and these make a noticeable sound when they are running (smooth high pitched whirling). Bootable device must contain necessary files, otherwise computer cannot boot from it. this is where a recovery usb or disc or windows installation disc will actually work. This happens because the laptop hasn’t been updated for a long time is which can cause this No booting device .Thanks and don’t forget to update your laptop, the lead light is off. Try a HDD if you’ve had an SSD for a while. Method 4. Anyway bad news is, the switching doesn’t seem to get it going now. 3. Discussion ACER NITRO 5 SHOWING NO BOOTABLE DEVICE. Method 1. there are no mechanical movements in these hard drives. The No bootable devices found (or No bootable device) problem is a startup issue that can arise on Acer, Dell, and other PC models. If you insert an unbootable disk or CD in the Acer computer and set it as a boot device, then you will encounter "no bootable device" problem. look for the option called D2D recovery—disk to disk recovery. Easy Table of Contents [Plugin] – Best Way to Create Table of Content in WordPress Accessibility. Follow these steps to fix your issue. (A pop up warning should appear. This is normal. This could be another reason for the HDD or SSD failure. Fix boot information (BCD and MBR) Method 6. I feel pretty silly that I didn’t create a bootable USB when i managed to get it working again, Scott P. Back to UEFI then. Disconnect all peripherals of USB Voici les trois meilleures façons de résoudre le problème de l’ordinateur portable Acer “No bootable device found (Aucun périphérique amorçable trouvé)” dans Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 et Windows 7, également appliqué aux PC HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung et d’autres marques. Therefore, to ensure the computer start smoothly, you need to change the boot order and set the disk that loads the operating system as the bootable device. I originally tried to reinstall Windows, that did not work. :(, 11/14/2018 by So, you need to get the computer sure that you have the wires of your computer tightened when you are dealing with the problem. they tend to be included with higher end systems or as aftermarket upgrades. 5. Choose the lost partition and click on "Proceed" to recover the missing boot partition. Just follow the on-screen instructions for your specific recovery tool. The first thing you can do is turning off your computer and then checking all the SATA cables and their connection with the hard drive and the motherboard. A bootable device is a hardware which stores important data to boot your computer. Replacing the hard drive with a new one, and repeating the steps using the usb I made with the MCT would have installed Windows on the new HDD. I got this problem solved by just going to the BIOS by holding down F2 while booting and resetting the factory default settings. Check boot order. (my HDD failed-even though there was no clicking sound, there are a lot of other things that may have gone wrong with it.) Now, the system partition is set to active. Actually the most commonly used bootable device or boot drive is hard drive where operating system such as Windows is installed. but they don't care anymore. Suthaharan 6. For that, you need to create an environment. Long press the arrow button and then click the Boot tab. ssd does not click it has no mechanical features like a hdd. this might help a lot of you though … in the bios it should already be enabled. some misleading and incomplete info in a few of these replies. Have your problem been solved? Entscheidend ist die Meldung "No bootable device", es wurde also keine bootfähige Festplatte oder SSD gefunden. Step 5. if not just try burning a Windows ISO in a usb stick and reinstalling the actual OS. If you are getting the error "No Bootable device found"after updating Acer bios from 1.00 to 1.05 then follow these steps : Forced shutdown your system by pressing the power key for little longer. I have an Acer Aspire 3 A315-51-376T message said "no bootable device found", so I went to change from UEFI to Legacy only to get the message in a large blue bar across the screen "Microsoft recommends executing Windows 8 and the version above under UEFI boot to enjoy the full features" I installed Ubuntu 19.10 as a single boot, thus wiping the hard drive completely. pitia emmanuel, There is no such option in UEFI firmware v 1.18 to switch to "Legacy" Wrong advice for post 2019 Acer firmware, 10/15/2020 by In some cases, the “no boot device” error can be caused by your USB devices. It is a completely solid state device. Now restart your laptop/desktop. Because the problem of ‘no bootable device Acer laptop fix’ in Acer might also be the reasons for the faulty hard drive, you need to set the right hard drive. These methods get highly recommended by the experts of computers and can be used to fix the problems of no bootable device dell and no bootable device Toshiba too. Rebuild MBR directly without Windows CD. More often than not, these are standard with many factory systems. see below. The switching from UEFI to legacy boot works. How to Fix Error Code 0xc00000e9 in Windows10/8/7? @techblogchain. just hit OK). Press on F12 BOOT MENU. Boot back into the Bios and go to the Boot Tab.If the HDD is not the first boot device,Use your arrow and Enter keys to Move it so it. Locate and choose the "Exit Saving Changes" option to save the changes you made to the boot order. 2.Fix no boot device available by resetting the BIOS configuration. If the issue is still unsolved, please check out the next solution. If your components are not connected properly, you might receive the error message during Windows startup. Boot it from the USB by changing boot order in BIOS. Press and hold F2, then power on laptop. select disk 0: 0 reprents the system disk number, list partition 1: 1 reprents the system partition number. Repair guides and support for the laptop line of Acer's Aspire series for casual home and business use. Linux Mint is installed correctly, because when I boot from disk the installer detects it. Fixed: What to Do When Windows Fails to Start? Hirens has hard drive diagnostic tools, master boot record tools, antivirus software, etc. These commands will check for file corruption and fix any corrupted files on your hard drive that prevent Windows from booting up successfully. If you are getting the error "No Bootable device found"after updating Acer bios from 1.00 to 1.05 then follow these steps : Forced shutdown your system by pressing the power key for little longer. J'ai réalisé la manip "F2" puis "F9 + entrée" puis "F10" comme indiquée sur le site de Acer quand ce problème arrive. Check out the full article and video from the below link. It is a free but powerful disk/partition management tool. If No legacy option is showing in boot menu then what to do? Simen Amundsen. MBR. The high performance electronics repair kit. Could it be that the SSD drive is broke? 1. Step1: Go to BIOS mode by pressing “F2”. use arrow keys to navigate to the BOOT tab. At first, download the freeware and then install it on your computer. Utilizzare la seguente procedura... Data aggiornamento: 14/11/2016 In Legacy BIOS mode it will boot from neither SSD nor HDD. Disabling UEFI and switching it to Legacy (which also disables secure boot) will allow me to tell the computer to look at other locations when booting up. Have you tried posting your question on the official Acer support forums:, 05/04/2018 by Please help me to fix this. Right click the system disk and select "Rebuild MBR". it doesn't care if I have a windows repair CD, or USB recovery flash drive plugged in. Besides, you can also run the command "chkdsk c: /f /r /x" in the command prompt windows to check and fix bad sectors on the system hard drive. It's been working fine until now. the boot manager should appear showing you all the different options on your system. Run AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Do you hear hard drive clicking sounds? Opened my Laptop to clean the fans, but when I was finished it wouldn't start up and instead show “No Bootable Device". Any storage device like hard drive, DVD, CD-ROM drive, USB flash drive, floppy disk drive. Then reboot the computer and see if it boots to Windows. Follow the prompts to restart your computer. If you need to check system hard drive for errors and fix them, you can right-click the system partition and select “Advanced”> “Check Partition”. Insert the Windows installation media into your computer and boot from it. make sure there's something in there before booting. Here’s what WILL get you back to bootable. Choose a proper MBR type for the current OS you are using. 4. once everything is operational again, you just need to go back into the BIOS and reverse the changes previously made. My wife has a Acer Aspire R3-471T-76BM with Win 10 home on it. How to fix no bootable device on Windows 10/8/7? And it seems that my whole laptop is messed up now, I installed Ubuntu and it didn't boot by default, I tried erasing all partitions on the HDD and didn't work, but I got it to boot with the secure boot file method. For the minority of you (like me) this will determine, in no uncertain terms, that the problem was a hardware fault. if you have a USB flash drive, make sure that is plugged in before you reboot otherwise it may not show up in the boot manager. In a Windows 10 (or Windows 8.1, Windows 8) installation media, select "Troubleshoot" and then "Command Prompt". ACER NITRO 5 SHOWING NO BOOTABLE DEVICE. Very helpful thank u,mine develop the problem after cleaning with spirit. To do this, you need to access Command Prompt as well. Remove and connect back all hardware components. In BIOS, it … power key is not responding.